2020 Federal Employees Handbook


Just Published for 2020: The Federal Employees Handbook is the ultimate desk reference for federal employees!

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What's inside

Written by our veteran team of experts, the 2020 Federal Employees Handbook contains the very latest critical information on your federal pay and benefits and workplace policies and will help you take full advantage of your opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

All New in The 2020 Federal Employees Handbook:


  • A close look at the new personnel authorities for the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security-their pay, performance evaluation, hiring, disciplinary and other procedures that mean huge changes in work life for employees working there and possible precedents for other agencies
  • The latest on contracting-out policies and how they might threaten your job
  • New hiring authorities that could affect your promotional potential, including how veterans preference comes into play
  • New leave benefits for employees called to active military duty
  • The latest on what happens to your benefits if you separate before retirement eligibility
  • New withdrawal and other policies at the Thrift Savings Plan
  • How you might qualify for a payment from the “human capital performance fund”
  • Guidance on what will be expected of you in emergency situations
  • Latest policies and figures on health, life and long-term care insurance, flexible spending accounts, federal retirement, Social Security and other benefits

Also Included in our “Flagship” 2020 Federal Employees Handbook:

  • The new “premium conversion” tax break under FEHB
  • How federal employees can use the Career Intern Program
  • Government payments for liability insurance
  • Public transit subsidies for federal workers
  • Ways agencies can pay you more money
  • How the government can help you pay off your student loans
  • Allowable use of computers and other office equipment for personal purposes
  • Hours of work for official travel
  • Allowable reimbursement for travel from non-federal sources
  • Latest information on leave policies, including eligibility for lump-sum payments for annual leave, alternative uses of sick leave and new rules on military leave for federally employed Reservists
  • How the new “retirement errors” correction law can affect your benefits
  • Eligibility, benefit choices, and premium considerations under the imminent federal long-term care program
  • How to file employment-related financial claims against the government
  • New requirements to allow employees to work off-site, including from their homes!
  • Brand new TSP investment options and rules

And complete updated and revised for 2020:
Federal Pay Systems, Pay and Compensation Policies, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement, The Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security, Medicare, Taxation of Federal Benefits, General Employment and Workplace Rules, Employment Restrictions, Veterans\’ Rights and Preference, On-the-Job Injuries and Illnesses, Downsizing Policies, Directory of Unions and Other Groups, Appealing Agency Actions Against You, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Leave and Other Forms of Time Off, Survivor Benefits Travel, Transportation, Per Diem and Relocation Allowances, and more!