2017 Federal Employees Handbook

Written by our veteran team of experts, the 2017 Federal Employees Handbook contains the very latest critical information on your federal pay and benefits and workplace policies and will help you take full advantage of your opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

All New in The 2017 Federal Employees Handbook:

Also Included in our “Flagship” 2017 Federal Employees Handbook:

And complete updated and revised for 2017:
Federal Pay Systems, Pay and Compensation Policies, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement, The Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security, Medicare, Taxation of Federal Benefits, General Employment and Workplace Rules, Employment Restrictions, Veterans\’ Rights and Preference, On-the-Job Injuries and Illnesses, Downsizing Policies, Directory of Unions and Other Groups, Appealing Agency Actions Against You, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Leave and Other Forms of Time Off, Survivor Benefits Travel, Transportation, Per Diem and Relocation Allowances, And much, much more!

“This brand new 2017 Federal Employees Handbook is an essential reference guide you can’t afford to be without whether you are a federal employee, federal manager or executive or postal worker.”
Don Mace – Publisher, FEDweek