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Federal Manager’s Handbook, 7th Ed.


This Brand New 7th Edition Has Just Been Published and Ready to be Shipped!

A must have for federal managers and supervisors.

What's inside

Federal managers and supervisors are being asked to do more with fewer resources in a rapidly evolving environment. Whether you’re a new supervisor being asked to learn on the fly while still doing your “old” job or a manager who just needs to be able to look something up and get a clear answer in plain English – this new 7th edition Federal Manager’s Handbook has been completely updated to help you get the answers you need and fast!

  • The manager’s role in hiring, including practices that can be used as alternatives to the traditional methods.
  • Guiding your employees through performance evaluations, promotions, and training.
  • Understanding labor-management relations and restrictions on personnel practices, including discrimination, sexual harassment and whistle-blowing.
  • What managers and supervisors need to know to keep a federal workforce running, including leave, work scheduling and telecommuting practices, and areas of common concern-and potential conflict-such as allowable uses of office equipment and dress codes.
  • The manager’s role in less common situations but ones that have a large potential impact on individual employees and the workplace in general-contracting out, work-related injuries and illnesses, emergencies and other potentially disruptive or sensitive issues.
  • How to use the tools available to help your employees and improve your recruitment and retention of employees, including that allow you to put more money in your employees’ pockets, help employees when they struggle for some reason and how to respond to commonly asked benefit questions.
  • How to deal with misconduct and poor performance, bearing in mind the special considerations that arise in the federal workplace because of the various legal rights and appeals mechanisms available to employees.
  • How to use tools available to advance your own career, along with information about ethics and other laws that can act as a trap for the unwary.
  • What you need to know about the performance measures that the current political leadership is imposing on government programs, along with a description of the underlying motivations, philosophies and management priorities of the administration.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:
Core Policies of Federal Personnel Management
The Manager’s Role in Hiring
Special Hiring Authorities
Performance Evaluations
Labor-Management Relations
Merit System Principles
Prohibited Personnel Practices
Sexual Harassment
Whistleblower Protections
Administrative Grievances

Chapter 2:
General Office Policies
Work Scheduling
Compensatory Time
Compensatory Time Off for Travel
Allowable Uses of Office Equipment
Dress and Appearance
Travel Charge Cards
Approving Travel and Travel Claims

Chapter 3:
Policies for Special Situations
Alternative Personnel Policies
Contracting Out
Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
Emergency Situations
Pandemic Flu
AIDS/HIV in the Workplace
Violence in the Workplace
Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace
Drug Use and Testing

Chapter 4:
Helping Your Employees
Pay Flexibilities
Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives
Student Loan Reimbursements
Child Care Subsidies
Transit Subsidies
Awards and Recognition
Employee Assistance Programs
Answering Common Benefit Questions

Chapter 5:
Dealing with Problem Employees
The Legal Landscape
Performance-Based Discipline
Conduct-Based Discipline
Alternative Discipline
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 6:
Looking Out for Your Own Career
Career Development
The Senior Executive Service
The Hatch Act
Ethics Policies
Providing References
Management Improvement Initiatives

It’s been said that in the private sector you can do anything you want unless there’s a law that says you can’t – but in the federal government you can’t do anything unless there’s a law that says you can. We developed The Federal Manager’s Handbook  take some to the mystery out of it for you and help you get on with doing your agency’s work and getting more out of your career!