federal employee legal handbook

The Federal Employee’s Legal Handbook


Understand the sometimes unique rules and regulations covering employment with the federal government – everything from whistleblower protections, the Hatch Act, career civil service, to appeals, RIFs, hiring/firing, special protections and more.

What's inside

If you don’t think you need to look out for yourself as as federal employee: look out! Employment with the federal government carries many special expectations and restrictions, as well as specific protections and benefits not found with other employers. This new Federal Employee’s Legal Handbook is designed to help you be aware of this fraught landscape, avoid trouble and know your rights.

Take a look at what’s covered in this brand new handbook:


  • Understanding Your Rights and Restrictions
  • The Merit System Principles
  • Prohibited Personnel Practices, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Disciplinary Actions, Performance and Conduct Based and Dispute Resolution
  • Whistleblowing, Scope of Protections, Procedures and Burdens of Proof
  • The Merit Systems Protection Board, Procedures and Documenting
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Appeals Process and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • The Office of Special Counsel, Hatch Act Complaints
  • Union Representation, Negotiated Contracts, Rights and Grievances, Unfair Labor Practices
  • Appeal Rights, Veterans, RIF and Furloughs
  • Financial Matters, FEHB, FEGLI, FLTCIP, Flexible Spending Accounts, Compensation and Leave, Overtime and Retirement
  • And More!