2023 fedweek thrift savings plan handbook

TSP Investors Handbook, 8th Ed.


This new 8th Edition guide is designed to help you take full advantage of the TSP, avoid costly mistakes, and understand the program’s rules and important dates to help set yourself up for a secure retirement.

*6th Edition available in eBook format

What's inside

You already know the basics of your TSP plan, but for such a critical and versatile program that’s not enough. We developed this new Eighth Edition TSP Investors Handbook to help you better grasp the the program’s strengths and weaknesses – and many recent changes – so you can make informed decisions with your retirement nest egg – whether that be borrowing from yourself, getting the maximum amount of free money from the government into your account, or how to best draw down your account in retirement (i.e. when and how).

This brand new  “8th Edition” handbook places the TSP among your other assets and explains the real value of its best features.

Important: This all new TSP Handbook also includes recent (and, for Some, Troublesome) changes to the TSP.

Take a look at just some of what’s new in this All New “Eighth Edition” of The Thrift Savings Plan Investor’s Handbook:

    • Recent changes to the TSP, with a troublesome rollout and difficulties for some.
    • New, more flexible withdrawal options and payroll withholding.
    • TSP’s new policies on investment limits, inter-fund transfers and transfers from other retirement savings programs.
    • Roth investing (tax-free withdraws to benefit more from compound interest).
    • A detailed perspective on what the “new” TSP is all about-and what it means to you.
    • The relationship between the TSP and IRAs-what types of accounts can be involved in transfers and under what circumstances.
    • Newly Revised tables on rates of return and an analysis-and how they can guide your TSP investment and withdrawal strategies.
    • Completely updated guide to resources, forms and services available in the TSP program.

What else is in this all-new handbook?

  • What the TSP’s Design Means to You: Payroll Withholding, Rates and Contributions, Tax Treatments, Roth Balances, Investment Choices, Loan Programs, In-Service Withdrawals and more…
  • The TSP’s Place in Your Overall Assets: TSP Tax Advantage, Administrative Expenses, TSP’s Role in Your Retirement Savings, TSP’s and IRAs, Balancing Risks and more…
  • Time and Timing Considerations for Continuing TSP Investing: Account Growth, Maximizing Investments, Risk and Return, The L Fund, Your Time Frame and more…
  • Investment Questions and Answers: Investment Rules, The G Fund, The C Fund, The F Fund, The S Fund, The I Fund, The L Funds, Tracking Returns and Interfund Transfers and more…
  • Looking Ahead to a TSP Withdrawal: Growth of Current Account Balance and Future Investments, Translating Your TSP Account into Potential Income.
  • A Framework for Your Withdrawal Decision: Projecting Your Basic Federal Retirement Benefits and Income from Other Sources, How Long Your Might be Retired, Assessing Your Income Goals and Needs, Timing Your TSP Withdrawal and Finding the Best Deal.
  • Lump Sum Withdrawals and Annuities: The Advantages and Disadvantages as well as Tax Implications.
  • Survivor Benefit Considerations: TSP Death Benefits, Civil Service Retirement Survivor Benefits, Social Security Survivor Benefits and Your Survivor Annuity Choice.
  • TSP Contacts and Forms: TSP Service Office, The ThriftLine, The TSP Website and Forms.