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If your annuity terminates (for example, when a disability retiree recovers or is restored to earning capacity), your enrollment will end on the last day of the month for which you are entitled to an annuity. However, coverage will be extended for 31 days without cost to you.
If you are a disability retiree whose annuity terminated, you will retain your health benefits coverage if you are entitled to apply for an immediate annuity, i.e., one that begins when your disability annuity stops. You will receive complete information concerning your right to do so if your disability annuity terminates.

If you are under age 60 and your disability annuity is reinstated due to loss of earning capacity or a recurrence of the disability for which you retired, you will be given an opportunity to have health benefits coverage reinstated if you were enrolled at the time your disability annuity previously terminated.

If you are entitled to a deferred annuity after your disability annuity terminates, you cannot retain your health benefits coverage as a retiree.

Under certain conditions, your annuity will terminate if you are reemployed in the federal service. If this occurs, your health benefits enrollment will be transferred to your employing agency. If you are so reemployed, you should immediately notify OPM at this address:


PO Box 45

Boyers, PA 16017-0045

Be sure to refer to your retirement claim number (CSA number) and provide OPM with a copy of the personnel document showing your appointment, if possible, or the full name and address of your employing agency.