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To cut auto insurance costs, consider buying it from the same company that provides your homeowner’s insurance. The more policies you buy, the greater the discount for which you might qualify. Other possible discounts:

* For your youngsters. If you have children who drive, they may be eligible for discounts if they have successfully completed a driver-training course. Many companies offer discounts if a student has good grades, too, or merely if a student is attending school away from home and unlikely to drive your cars very often.


* For yourself and your spouse. Discounts may be available if you’re over age 50 (and less likely to have an accident) or if you drive relatively few miles (say, less than 7,500) a year.

Also, good-driver discounts may be offered if no drivers in your household have more than two violation points on your driving record. This type of discount may not be available if you have had a driving-while-intoxicated incident or a serious accident within the past seven years.

* For your accessories. You may enjoy “safety device” discounts if your car has features such as dual air bags, automatic seat belts and anti-lock brakes. Similarly, discounts may apply for anti-theft devices, including alarms as well as active or passive disabling devices.

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