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Does your agency need pre-retirement, benefits or other training?

These seminars are designed for employees at all stages of their careers; from the new employee who was hired last week, to the senior employee who will be retiring at the end of the year. At a minimum, our pre-retirement seminars will cover:

  • Retirement Eligibility
  • Retirement Computations
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Federal Insurance (FEHB, FEGLI, FLTCIP, FEDVIP and FSAs)
  • Taxes After Retirement
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Thrift Savings Plan

Our longer seminars will cover the above areas in greater depth and will include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Working After Retirement
  • Retirement Living

Two-Day FERS and/or CSRS Seminars.
These are our most in-depth offerings and cover all of the bulleted points above.

One-Day FERS or CSRS Seminars.
These seminars cover the items in the first set of bullets above, though not in as much depth as a two-day class. We do not combine the two retirement systems in one-day classes.

One or Two-Day Mid-Career Planning Seminars.
These seminars are similar to the one and two-day seminars described above, however they are for employees further from retirement. They emphasize areas that are important to a federal employee with more time left before they retire (e.g., financial planning), while de-emphasizing the areas that concern older employees (e.g., Medicare).

One or One-Half Day New Employee Planning Seminars.
These seminars are designed to start newly hired employees off on the right foot by giving them an understanding of the role federal retirement and benefits have in their future financial security. They cover what would happen to federal retirement and benefits if the newly-hired federal employee works until retirement, leaves before retirement, or dies while a federal employee.

One-Half Day Thrift Savings Plan Seminars.
These seminars focus exclusively on the TSP and are invaluable for employees at all stages of their federal career.

Seminars for Special Groups.
Our Experienced Instructors are experts in the special retirement provisions for Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and other “special category” employees

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