John Grobe, Federal Career Experts

Answer:  More!  I frequently state that there is no such thing as too much money in the Thrift Savings Plan.  If you want your TSP balance to be able to generate an inflation-indexed annual income of $10,000, most financial planners will suggest that you have a $250,000 balance at the time you retire.  This is based on something called the “4% rule”.  Financial planners using calculators that give the odds of running out of money in 30 years (called “Monte Carlo Simulators”), have found that 90% of the scenarios generated by the calculator will result in an individual still having money remaining at the end of 30 years if they begin their withdrawals at a 4% rate and make annual inflation adjustments.

Given today’s lower rates of return on the G fund (2.04% in 2015), some have suggested that a lower rate of withdrawal would be appropriate for those who have their TSP invested solely in the G fund.


I predict that the G funds 2016 rate of return will be close to 1.8%.

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