Do you like the TSP?  Like it on Facebook, that is?  69,575 individuals follow the TSP on Facebook; most of them are current or retired federal employees (including myself, my friend and former OPM staffer Gary Koca, and the administrator of TSPSafetyNet, Kalani Walther).  There are some good things about the TSP Facebook page that I’ll list in the upcoming paragraphs.

First, the TSP doesn’t go crazy posting items.  You might see a couple of posts each week; that’s manageable.  You won’t say “Here they go again!” when they post something.


Second, the posts don’t make you angry or insult you.  I don’t know if you’re as tired as I am of never-ending political screeds showing up on your Facebook feed.  I want to see pictures of my grandchildren doing something cute, frolicking puppies, or helpful information.  I even like posts that have recipes.

Third, the TSP does post the aforementioned helpful information; I’ll have to look elsewhere for puppies and my grandchildren.  As an example, they informed me on January 3rd that they would be mailing out Forms 1099 before the end of the month, but, if I was in a hurry to file my taxes, I could access my 1099 on the website.  They also have informational videos we can view if we want to know any more about the features of the TSP.

Fourth, they engage in tooting their own horn and public relations.  This isn’t a bad thing, as they have a lot to toot their horn about.  On Groundhog Day, they had a cartoon groundhog encouraging us to leave our money in the TSP when we separate.  By the way, the groundhog in the cartoon did not see its shadow.

Keeping one’s money in the TSP is a constant message from the Thrift Board.  There are pros and cons of doing so.  The TSP’s low expenses are perhaps the biggest pro, while restrictive withdrawal options are the biggest con.

There’s no reason not to like the TSP, both as a great retirement savings plan and on Facebook.  Consider following them.