January Retirement COLA Set: 1.6 Percent

A federal retirement COLA of 1.6 percent will be paid in January, following completion of the count toward that adjustment …More

Comply with Executive Orders, Agencies Told

OPM has told agencies to comply with three 2018 executive orders on union-and disciplinary-related matters “at the soonest feasible opportunity,” …More

Door Thrown Wide Open to Union-Related Policy Changes

The lifting of a court injunction against most of three executive orders opens the door for potentially major changes in …More

Contentious Bargaining Ahead Between Agencies, Unions

Bargaining between federal agencies and unions over workplace matters could turn even more contentious now that an injunction against parts …More

Disciplinary Landscape Set to Change in Federal Workplace

Although many of the disciplinary-related provisions in the three Trump administration executive orders that have been under legal challenge since …More

Court Underscores Federal Service Requirement for FERS Annuity

A court decision has underscored that while military service can be credited in the calculation of a federal retirement benefit …More

Last Chance for TSP Catch-up Contributions, FERS Withholding Changes

FEHB Premiums to Jump 5.6 Percent on Average

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Report Suggests Restoring Social Security ‘Missing Trust Fund’

The Social Security system is suffering from a “missing trust fund” and if the system is to continue paying benefits …More

The Complexities of the Special Retirement Supplement
The Pros and Cons of Living Trusts
Medicare Warns about Scams, Fraud
Eligibility Differs between FEHB and FEDVIP
Giving Someone the Power of Attorney
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

New Restrictions on Agency Guidance Documents Issued

President Trump has signed two executive orders on issuing and enforcing agency guidance documents, which administration officials and some conservatives …More

Two New Management Councils Being Established
FTC Itself the Target of Impersonation Scams
DHS personnel increase moves ahead | fedweek.com
CBP Recruitment, Retention Struggles Continuing
Agencies Should Dig Deeper into Customer Service Feedback, Says Report
OPM Highlights Work-Life Balance Programs
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TSP Investment Report

The TSP Remains Choppy with Mixed Economic Data

A significant amount of economic data came out last week. Earlier in the week, disappointing private jobs data came out, …More

Tax Rules Differ When Taking from a Roth TSP vs. Roth IRA
Previous Shutdown Revealed Lack of Emergency Savings
Brexit Uncertainty Continues to Hang Over the I Fund

Armed Forces News

DoD Assumes Background-Check Oversight

The Defense Department is now the lead federal agency responsible for conducting background investigations, assuming the job from the Office …More

Punishment Meted for Recruit Abuse
Navy Deep-Sixes Chin Spinach
Coast Guard Changes Tattoo Policy
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