Proposed Leave Fund, Pace of Vaccinations Draw Attention of Congress

The impact of the pandemic on the federal workforce is drawing increased attention of Congress on several fronts, with the …More

Agencies Starting to Revise Policies on Recalls, Other Pandemic Issues

Federal agencies have begun revising their policies on recalling employees from telework and other pandemic-related issues in light of the …More

Discipline Possible for Feds Not Following Safety Practices, Mask Wearing

New guidance regarding Coronavirus-related safety practices in the federal workplace raises the prospect that employees who do not comply could …More


Guidance Calls for Leave to Get Vaccine, Other Reasons

Federal agencies have been told that they “should offer” administrative leave to their employees of up to four hours for …More


Former OPM Chief of Staff Named to Lead Agency

President Biden has nominated Kiran Ahuja, who was OPM chief of staff for several years during the Obama administration and …More


OPM Stresses Limits on Hiring Prior Political Appointees into Career Jobs

Limits on “burrowing in” – placing political appointees into career positions – apply after a presidential transition as well as …More


Postal Reform Effort to Focus on Financial Relief, Transparency


Employees Suspended for Social Media Posts Violating Hatch Act


Extra Paid Leave Proposed for Feds Who Use Up Sick Leave Due to Pandemic

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

fedweek.com: fdic buyouts early outs

FDIC Facing Exodus of Senior Personnel

Replacing upcoming losses to retirements is among the top management challenges at the FDIC, where 60 percent of executives and …More

Training Set on New EEO Requirements for Agencies
New Dashboard Teaches Lessons about Hiring, Partnership Says
fedweek.com: job gains and losses in proposed 2021 budget
VA Issues Ethics Guide on Using Veterans’ Personal Information
fedweek.com: coronavirus federal agencies workforce opm covid-19
Report Recommends Ways to Improve Internal Agency Support Functions
Audit Calls for Strengthening GSA Insider Threat Protections
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Report Says Late-Career Gig Jobs Can Provide Valuable Financial Boost

While “gig” type jobs do not provide the level of benefits offered in traditional jobs, they do “give workers a …More

Key Insurance Decisions to Make in Retirement
Thinking Through a Grant of Power of Attorney
Top Retirement Mistakes Federal Employees Made in 2020
Improper Retirement Payments Still a Problem, Report Says
The Impact on Benefits of Separation, Annulment or Divorce
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TSP Investment Report


TSP: Questions to Ask a Tax Advisor

We’re getting close to tax time and many readers are beginning to organize their tax information in preparation for filing …More

Interest Rates are Rising: Good for Some, Bad for Others
Lessons Learned Growing a TSP Balance Beyond $1M
Turbulent Climb Higher for TSP Funds

Armed Forces News


AF Orders 2nd Disparity Review

The Air Force is launching a second disparity review, to be conducted by the service’s inspector general (IG). The action …More

USUHS To Study Covid-19 Effects
CNO Orders Renewal of Oath
More Oversight of Privatized Housing Needed
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