Survey Offers Timely Reminder on Shutdown Effects

In a signal of what might lie ahead if the government again goes into a partial shutdown, 55 percent of …More

Survey Shows Familiar Highs, Lows in Opinions of Federal Workplace

Federal employees continue to have the highest and lowest opinions of the same aspects of their workplaces, results of this …More

Many Employees Still Denied Telework, Survey Shows

Many federal employees still are denied the opportunity to telework even though their positions would be suitable for it, nearly …More

Medicare, FSA, Transit Subsidy Figures Increase

The 2020 standard monthly Medicare Part B (physicians and related services) premium will be $144.60 for most enrollees, an increase …More

Changes in Locality Pay System Considered

More federal employees could fall into localities with specific pay rates in the future, under policies being considered by the …More

Here’s Who Would Get Biggest 2020 Locality Pay Bump

If there is a locality component to a January 2020 federal employee pay raise, in general employees in city areas …More

Emergency Dismissal Policies Not Changing

Benefits Open Season Set to Begin

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Reminder on Office Gift Giving, Receiving

Questions commonly arise as the holiday season approaches about rules on giving or getting gifts in federal offices. In terms …More

Many IRS Employees Overdue for Clearance Reinvestigations
Group Identifies 12 Grand Challenges for Government
Agency Rushed to Terminate Employee Before Probationary Period End, Court Says
Employee Views of Management Fall as Level Rises
Senate Backs Increased Security Training in Acquisition Jobs
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Report Notes Some Positive Trends in Older Household Finances

While households headed by persons age 65 and up are more likely to have debt, and more of it, than …More

Financial Support for Early-Adult Children Now the Rule, Not the Exception
Choosing between Voluntary and Discontinued Service Retirement
Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row
Many Factors Affect Choice of Retiring or Continuing to Work
Running the Numbers on Early Retirement – VERA
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TSP Investment Report

TSP Investment Limit Increase

TSP participants will be able to set aside another $500 in 2020 because the elective deferral limit was increased from …More

Equal Payments to Avoid 10% Early Withdrawal Penalty
Exceptions to the TSP Early Withdrawal Penalty
The C Fund Roars to New All-Time Highs

Armed Forces News

Bill Would Bar Deportation of Military Families

Military families who are not U.S. citizens would no longer face deportation, under a measure pending before the Senate. Sen. …More

Army Seeks Answers to Recruit-Injury Causes
Fix Found for F-35 Helmet Glitch
Report: Veterans Do Well in Job Market
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