Trump Orders Shift of Potentially 100K Policy-Related Jobs Out of Competitive Service

An unknown but probably large number of federal employees whose positions involve formulating and carrying out policy would move from …More

Switch to Excepted Service Would Affect Hiring, Job Protections

Moving federal employees in positions involved in making or carrying out policy from the competitive service to the excepted service, …More

Executive Order Stirs Concern of Politicizing Career Civil Service

President Trump’s order to shift potentially tens of thousands or more federal employees into the excepted service from the competitive …More


Narrowing of Federal-Private Sector Pay Gap Continues

New figures from the Federal Salary Council show that the federal-private sector pay gap has fallen to 23.11 percent, continuing …More


OPM Issues Rules Giving Management a Stronger Hand

OPM has finalized, with few changes from the version proposed a year ago, a broad-ranging set of rules that will …More


Rules Set Standards for Discipline in Conduct Cases

Newly finalized rules from OPM emphasize discretion for management officials when taking disciplinary action against federal employees on charges of …More


Employees Guaranteed Only Minimum Chance to Improve Under New Rules


Policies on Covid, Medicare Coordination Announced

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Data Lacking on Sexual Harassment, Says GAO

A GAO report says that while sexual harassment has been proven to create health, productivity, career, and reporting and legal …More

Apply Authority to Move to Excepted Service Broadly, Agencies Told
Changes in Workplace Due to Pandemic Looking Permanent, Study Concludes
Guidance Issued on Diversity Training Ban
OPM Rules Stress Use of Probationary Period
Personnel Issues Listed among Management Challenges at IRS
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report


Pandemic Spurred Many Retirees to Shore Up Finances

The Coronavirus pandemic spurred many retirees to shore up their finances by focusing on eliminating debt and/or building up funds …More

Protecting Your FLTCIP Benefits from Inflation
Protecting Your Assets in Retirement
Key Indicators of Retirement Security Examined
Retirement Can Be Deferred, with Strings Attached
Retirement Rules: Saving by the Numbers
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TSP Investment Report


The Markets Remain in Uncertain Territory

The S&P 500, which the C Fund tracks, is in a somewhat bearish trend recently: After its sharp March crash, …More

Your TSP Can be Garnished for Child Support
Best Day to Retire for Feds in 2021?
What it Takes to Be a TSP Millionaire

>Armed Forces News

First Space Force Recruits Enter Boot Camp

Four recruits in Baltimore and other three in Denver began the journey to become the first Space Force recruits to …More

Study Addresses Sleep Deprivation
Supreme Court To Hear Border Wall Case
Navy To Build Museum
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