DoD Budget Bill Would Affect Personnel Policies There, Across Government

The annual defense authorization bill (HR-8070) up for voting in the House this week contains a range of provisions that …More

GAO Calls for Attention to Deferred Maintenance, Other Federal Building Issues

Addressing the backlog of deferred maintenance and repairs in federal buildings is among the most pressing among its recommendations to …More

Dispute over ‘Official Time’ Stirred Up Again

The long-running dispute over use of “official time” has been restirred with a request by the House Oversight and Accountability …More

Commerce Needs Stronger Controls over Telework, Locality Pay, Audit Says

The Commerce Department should strengthen its monitoring of whether teleworkers are reporting to their official duty stations as often as …More

Court Takes Broad Reading of Whistleblower Protections

Federal employee protections against reprisal for whistleblowing can extend to situations in which an agency stopped considering employees for promotions …More

Ethics Guidance Issued on Work with State or Local Governments

The Office of Government Ethics has issued guidance clarifying the obligations of federal employees to recuse themselves from decisions involving …More

OPM Says It’s Looking into Raising Uniform Allowance

Key Bill Silent on Raise, as Contentious Budget Process Gears Up

Funding Bill Targets Numerous Federal Workplace Policies

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Federal, Private Sector Benefits Don’t Compare Well Directly, Says Report

A Congressional Budget Office report on total compensation—pay plus the value of benefits—in the federal government vs. the private sector …More

Eligibility for Discontinued Service Retirement
Giving Elderly Relatives a Hand with Their Finances
Five Saving Tips for Active and Retired Feds.
Age Discrimination Law Includes Protections against Harassment, EEOC Stresses
Leave Government Now, Get Your Retirement Benefits Later
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO Lists Priority Recommendations Needing Action by Congress

Congress has acted on four-fifths of GAO recommendations that require changes in law since 2000 but that still leaves 242 …More

Bipartisan Bill Offered on Federal Agency AI Purchases, Use
Public’s Views of Government Plummet; Strong Support for Nonpartisan Civil Service
DHS Not Meeting Hiring Timelines for Most Key Occupations, Says GAO
VA Needs to ‘Think Creatively’ on Recruiting, Retention Challenges, Says Report
Guide Issued on Employment of Neurodiverse Persons in Federal Agencies
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TSP Investment Report

Why are the TSP L Funds the Default Funds?

There are 5 basic TSP funds: C, S, I, G, & F. Each fund has different characteristics that can be …More

How Much Would the Impending I Fund Change Have Already Cost You?
More Than One Retirement Account? Beware Contribution Penalties
Should You Elect a Survivor Annuity? It Depends

Armed Forces News

20 Percent Pay Hike for Junior Enlisteds Approved in House, but Long Road Ahead

Enlisted service members in pay grades E-1 through E-4 would get a 19.5-percent raise in basic pay, under the House’s …More

Advancement to E-5, E-6 Eased for Some Sailors
Army Scales Back Promotion-Related Course Load by 346 Hours
Space Force Now Accepting Air Force Reservists
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