FEHB, FEDVIP Open Season: Last Call

Next Monday (December 9) is the last day of the current open season for electing or changing coverage in FEHB …More

Rules on Relocation Tax Issued but Changes May Be Coming

GSA has issued rules carrying out a relocation policy change made in the wake of the late-2017 tax law revisions, …More

Air Force Issues Warning on CBD Oil, Positive Test Possible

The Air Force has issued a warning to its civilian employees and military personnel against using products containing cannabidiol (CBD) …More

Official Time Cutback Would Weaken Employee Protections, Unions Say

Several federal unions have said that a proposed ban on the use of official time for representing federal employees pursuing …More

Drop in Postal Employment Slows, Shift Toward Non-Career

Overall employment at the Postal Service has leveled off in recent years after dropping substantially from 2009 to 2012 but …More

TSP Sets Processing Schedule, Affects Tax Reporting

The TSP has announced withdrawal and other processing dates for the remainder of the calendar year that affect tax reporting, …More

Solid TSP Gains in November Despite Late Pullback

OPM Again Presses for Prompt Compliance with Executive Orders

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Justice Department Personnel Challenges Continuing, Says IG

The Justice Department continues to struggle with recruiting and retaining employees in positions such as healthcare and cyber-related positions, the …More

DoD Updates Emergency Dismissal Policies
Shutdown Protection Urged as another Deadline Approaches
Bill Passed to Better Coordinate Cybersecurity with State and Local Gov
Agency Relocations Proposed
SSA Expanding Public Office Hours, Continues Online Service Emphasis
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Retirement Savers Warned Against Leakage from Accounts

Withdrawing money prematurely from retirement savings accounts–so-called “leakage”–is a main reason why those accounts do not reach their potential for …More

Don’t Get Burned Trying to Burn Sick Leave
Setting Up Your Savings to Pay You
Aging in Place? You May Face a Home Improvement Project
What Counts for High-3 and What Doesn’t
Your Life Insurance Policy May Need a Cash Infusion
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TSP Investment Report

Will the TSP Have a Santa Rally This Year?

The S&P 500, which the C Fund tracks, reached new all-time highs again last week. It reached over 3150 before …More

The Stock Market Remains Elevated with Low Volatility
Longer: New Life Expectancy Tables Likely for 2021
Don’t Forget About Inflation

Armed Forces News

IG: U.S. Pullout Hinders Syria Stability

The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria is emboldening the enemy and fostering instability in the region, according to a …More

Ryan: Lack of Long-Term Funding Hurts Readiness
AF Nixes Cannabidiol Oil Use
Esper: ‘Lack of Candor’ Led to SecNav’s Removal
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