Report: Underuse of Federal Office Space at ‘Unprecedented’ Levels

In a report to Congress that likely will add further pressure to increase onsite work by federal employees and/or close …More

Proposal to Repeal WEP, GPO Gets another Look, but Prospects Still Iffy

Legislation to repeal the windfall elimination provision and government pension offset reductions to Social Security benefits received by retirees under …More

Court Takes Restrictive Reading on Completing Probationary Period

A federal appeals court has taken a restrictive reading on what is required for federal employees to complete their probationary …More

Former ‘Employee Express’ Phone Number Being Used by Fraudsters, Warns IG

The inspector general’s office at OPM has posted a warning against calling a phone number once associated with the agency’s …More

House-Senate Groups Seeks to Boost Fertility Coverage in FEHB

A group of more than 170 House and Senate members has asked the OPM to boost coverage for fertility treatment …More

MSPB Asks for Input on Scope of Protections against Reprisal

The MSPB has issued a notice seeking input on the scope of protections for federal employees against reprisal for cooperating …More

Time to Increase Uniform Allowance, Employee Groups Say

Most Remaining Workplace Covid Policies Ended; Safety Plans to Remain

Special Pandemic-Related Authorities on Leave Revised

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Social Security, Long-Term Care Needs High among Retirement Concerns

A survey of some 1,200 working age people has identified the familiar topics of the financial status of Social Security …More

Disability Retirement Requires Careful Documentation
Considerations for Purchasing Deferred Annuities
Extending Working Career May Require Learning New Skills, Says Report
Helping Your Survivors Manage Your Federal Benefits after Your Death
Refilling the Cash Bucket in Retirement
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM Issues First Update on New Priority Goals

OPM has issued, on performance.gov, the first quarterly status report on agency priority goals for the fiscal 2024-2025 cycle, including: …More

Court Acts to Close Out Two-Decade Old Union Grievance
Information on USASpending.gov Still Falling Short, Says Report
Audit Calls on TVA to Step Up Inspections of Facilities
GSA Controls over Foreign Gifts Lacking, Says Audit
Rules on Sustainable Procurement Finalized
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TSP Investment Report

May To-Do List: Check Life Insurance, Start/Fund a 529 Plan

There are two “days” in May that deal with financial issues that should be important to us. First is May …More

How TSP Expenses Get Paid (Deducted)
Lifetime Income Potential of Your TSP
Is Your TSP L Fund Costing You Money?

Armed Forces News

Why Should I Hire a Civilian Military Attorney?

et’s address the obvious: if the government provides you with a free attorney, why should you pay for one when …More

Navy Allows Cell Phone Access to Help Curb Attrition, Cites “Digital Identities”
First M4 Replacements Go to 101st Airborne
Air Force Authorizes Cold-Weather Incentive Pay
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