OPM Underscores Management Discretion in Discipline

Disciplinary actions against federal employees must be “fair and reasonable” but beyond that management has wide discretion in deciding how …More

Trump Memo Addresses Bargaining Obligations

President Trump has told agencies to “adhere to the terms” of bargaining agreements they reached with unions during the more …More

Social Security Figures Increase with COLA Adjustment

Along with the COLA increase of 1.6 percent in Social Security benefits for January that was announced last week—the same …More

Key CSRS Interest Rate Falls

The interest paid in the voluntary contribution retirement savings program available to CSRS (but not FERS) employees will fall from …More

Paid Family Leave Would Benefit Agencies Too, Backers Argue

Allowing paid family leave for federal employees would help address federal agencies’ problems with recruiting and retaining employees, a coalition …More

FDIC Agrees to Six Weeks of Paid Parental Leave

The FDIC has said that it has agreed in negotiations with the NTEU union to provide six weeks of paid …More

fedweek.com | talk of buyout amount increase stirs life in senate

Bill to End Holdup on Leave Rules Ready for Senate Vote

January Retirement COLA Set: 1.6 Percent

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Causes of Surprise Medical Bills Examined

Receiving a “surprise” medical bill is a common concern regarding health care and with good reason, a report by the …More

Turning Annual Leave into Cash at Retirement
Checking Up on Your Life Insurance
Report Suggests Restoring Social Security ‘Missing Trust Fund’
The Complexities of the Special Retirement Supplement
The Pros and Cons of Living Trusts
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO Finds Succession Planning Lacking at VA

Because of leadership turnover, the VA has not produced a department-wide succession plan since 2009, a plan that does not …More

OPM Calls for Data on Workforce Diversity
Report Describes Challenges in Leadership Development
Report Raises Concerns about Government-Wide Continuity of Operations Plan
Trump Imposes More Restrictions on Agency Discretion
IRS Warns of Scams Related to Privatized Debt Collection
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TSP Investment Report

Trade War De-Escalation and a Major Shift in U.S. Monetary Policy

The S&P 500, tracked by the C Fund, continued a choppy sideways pattern last week near the psychologically important 3,000 …More

Think Twice Before Rolling Over Your TSP
End of Year Reminder on TSP Taxes and Contributions
The TSP Remains Choppy with Mixed Economic Data

Armed Forces News

McConville Advocates Fewer Moves, Longer tours

The Army’s top officer wants soldiers to be able to remain in duty stations longer. When they do move, permanent …More

Army Secretary Puts Syria Withdrawal into Context
Burial-Access Improvements Needed
2020 COLA Set at 1.6 Percent
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