All’s (Still) Quiet (for Now) on the Vaccine Mandate Front

Now more than a month since a federal appeals court cleared the way for the return of the Coronavirus vaccine …More

Report Faults DHS Employee Vaccination Program

An inspector general audit has found a range of problems in the program DHS crafted for prioritizing employees for vaccination …More

Proposed Covid Exposure Bonus for TSA Employees Could Set Precedent

Among provisions of a bill (HR-903) the House recently passed regarding the TSA workforce is what would be a first …More

Committee Rejects Proposal to Revive Trump’s Federal Personnel Policies

A House committee has rejected a proposal to revive and put into law the central Trump administration executive orders on …More

MSPB Backs Employee Protections in Performance-Based Discipline

The MSPB has backed protections for federal employees in disciplinary actions based on alleged poor performance, adopting the principles of …More

Workforce Priorities Report Stresses Looking Forward

OPM has issued a “federal workforce priorities report” that repeats some long-running themes in federal personnel management policies but that …More

Federal COLA Count Hits 6 Percent

TSP Finalizes Investment Window Policies; Opening Just Ahead

TSP Responds to Criticisms of Fees, Other Investment Window Policies

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Status Reports Posted on Agency Priority Goals

The 24 Cabinet departments and largest agencies have posted the first reports on actions they have taken and are planning …More

Report Charts Management Problems with Mail at SSA Due to Pandemic
Bill to Update GPRA Offered; DHS Measures Advance
IG Raises Concerns about Census Bureau Background Checks
USPS Funding, Federal Benefits are Sticking Point for a 5th Relief Bill
USPS Could Aid Other Agencies in Identity Verification, Says Report
Survey Finds Link between Telework, Employee Views of Management
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Attending Financial Seminars Spurs More Saving, Says Report

A study has found that attending financial seminars sponsored by employers results in an increase in savings toward retirement. While …More

You Might Want to Hold Your Tongue on Your Retirement Intentions
Setting an Investment Course and Sticking to It
Barriers Lie ahead to Continued Working at Older Ages, Says Report
When Retirement Disability Benefits Might End – Or Restart
Saving on Behalf of Children or Grandchildren
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TSP Investment Report

Retirement Implications of Reaching Age 59 1/2

We have already passed many age-related milestones thus far in life. Remember when you turned the age of 18 and …More

Understanding Designations and Credentials are Critical for Your Financial Welfare
Thanks to a Pension, Feds Are Doing Better than Most in Retirement Preparedness
Percentage Based Contributions to the TSP Vs. Fixed Amounts

Armed Forces News

Under Investigation? Know Your Rights and Don’t Engage the Enemy Alone

You feel sick in the pit of your stomach. You have just found out, either through the grapevine or by …More

AF Updates Blue, Brown Books
No-Notice, Short-Notice Inspections Planned
Army, Air Force: Leave Request Need Not State Abortion as Medical Procedure Sought
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