OPM Seeks to Strengthen Management’s Hand in Discipline

OPM has proposed a wide-ranging set of rules to give management greater discretion and control over disciplinary matters while speeding …More

Rules Would Limit Performance Improvement Opportunities

Proposed rules from OPM would limit opportunities for employees to improve before being subject to discipline for alleged poor performance, …More

Broader Withdrawal Options Are for Everyone, TSP Stresses

With the long-awaited broader withdrawal options in the TSP now in effect, the program has issued several reminders that the …More

Some TSP Forms Now Obsolete, Replaced with Guided Steps

As part of its expansion in-service and post-separation withdrawal options, the TSP has created several online “wizards” to help account …More

COLA Count at 1.5 Percent Heading for Home

With just one month left in the count toward the January 2020 federal retirement COLA, the adjustment stands at 1.5 …More

Salary Council to Meet, Locality Pay on the Table

The Federal Salary Council, which oversees the GS locality pay system, has set a November 5 date for the type …More

Senate Panel Set to Consider Raise, Other Issues

Raise, OPM Breakup, Other Issues Greet Returning Congress

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

TSP Tweaking Spousal Rights Policies

As part of its widened withdrawal policies effective Sunday (September 15) the TSP is tweaking its policies regarding the rights …More

Making Military Service Deposits – Complex, but Possibly Worth It
Mistakes that Commonly Cost Investors
Guarding against Losing Matching TSP Investments
Retirement Survivor Annuities Are Valuable, but Not Free
Tax-Smart Investing for a Child
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Rules Would Revise Agency Practices Related to Discipline

Rules proposed by OPM to carry out parts of the Trump administration’s executive orders on disciplinary policies that have not …More

OPM Discourages Using Tables of Penalties
Agencies Told to Improve Job Candidate Assessments
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In Assessing Candidates, Rely Less on Them, More on Experts, OPM Says
OMB Updates Trusted Internet Connection Policies
Workforce Planning Lagging among USAID Initiatives, Says GAO
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TSP Investment Report

A Lot Happened Under the Surface of the TSP Last Week

Last week was one of the most active weeks in the market in years, but you wouldn’t guess it from …More

Spousal Consent Still Needed for TSP Withdrawals
Required Minimum Distributions: TSP and IRAs
New TSP Withdrawal Process Up and Running

Armed Forces News

Army IG: Changes Needed for Privatized Housing

After conducting a thorough review of privatized housing on the service’s installations, the Army Inspector General identified a host of …More

Female Airman Earns Ranger Tab
Navy Sponsors Research on the Next Armored Recon Vehicle
House To Probe Troubles at VA Medical Facilities
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