Timing of Raise, Back Pay Differing among Agencies

With the next biweekly federal employee pay distribution just days ahead, agencies have delivered a mixed message to their employees …More

TSP Offers New Account Security Feature

The TSP has started offering two-factor authentication for participants to access their accounts through its website, an increasingly common added …More

COLA Count Turns Positive

For the first time in the count toward the January 2020 federal retirement COLA, the count is in positive territory, …More

FSA Claims Deadline Reminder

April 30 is the deadline for submitting claims against flexible spending accounts for the 2018 calendar year. For dependent care …More

Whistleblower Protections Still Incomplete, Groups Say

EEOC Offers New Alternative Dispute Resolution Route

Court Sides with Agency on Failure to Inform Employees

fedweek.com | fehb premium hike 2018

Call Letter Opens Door for Added FEHB Benefits

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Deferred Annuities Can Protect against ‘Longevity Risk,’ Study Says

Purchasing a deferred annuity can be an effective strategy to protect against retirement “longevity risk”—the possibility of running out of …More

What OPM’s Retirement Services Site Can Do for You
Changing Life Insurance along with Your Changing Needs
Study Outlines Consequences of Leaving Job at Older Ages
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO Finds Continued Issues with Shared Services

Federal agencies have achieved some efficiencies and costs savings through sharing of services such as financial management and HR, but …More

Registration Opens for Annual EXCEL Conference
More Proposals Target CBP Short-Staffing
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TSP Investment Report

If you Inherit, Consider Maximizing TSP Contributions

What if a relative died and left you a significant sum as an inheritance? Can you contribute this money in …More

L Fund Changes Coming

Armed Forces News

Shift to More AF Stealth Urged

The Air Force should increase the number of stealth-capable aircraft to roughly 68 percent of its operational fleet, up from …More

Milley Nominated as Next JCS Chairman
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