OPM to Close FLTCIP to New Enrollments Starting December 19

Effective December 19 and through the following 24 months the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program will not accept new enrollments …More

OPM Looks to Consolidate, Revise Forms for Vetting Current, Prospective Employees

OPM has indicated that it intends to consolidate and revise forms used in vetting both current and prospective federal employees …More

Open-Space Floor Plans Maybe Not Such a Good Idea Now, Report Suggests

The shift to open-space floor plans in federal offices of recent years has complicated agency policies for increasing the amount …More

House Group Presses OPM on Retirement Processing

A group of a dozen House Republicans has pressed OPM on the time it takes for federal retirees to begin …More

More Investors under FERS Maxing Out Gov Match, TSP Says

The TSP has said that in the two years since it raised the default investment amount for newly hired federal …More

Congress Clears Bill Improving Benefits under Special Retirement Provisions

The Senate has joined the House in passing HR-521, to preserve the benefits of federal first responders and others covered …More

Health Care FSA Account Carry-Over Reminder

Partisan Clashes over Federal Workforce All but Assured in New Congress

OPM Erases Personnel Rules It Had Issued Under Trump Orders

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Prepare Now for Security Threats of Quantum Computing, OMB Tells Agencies

OMB has told agencies to “prepare now” to implement encryption to counter the “threat posed by the prospect of a …More

‘Inexperienced and Undertrained Staff’ Among State Department’s Major Challenges, Says IG
Report Stresses Limits of Providing Customer Service Remotely
AFGE, Education Reach Settlement on Complaints Dating to Trump Administration
USPS Will Have Fewer Employees This Holliday Season but Feels Ready, Says IG
Bill on Agency Disaster Resilience Planning Passes; Bill on VA IT Advances
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Report: Dry-up of Social Security Fund Could Trigger Large Benefit Reductions, Tax Increases

Depletion of the Social Security trust fund—now projected to occur around 2035—would require substantial immediate reductions in benefits and/or increases …More

FLTCIP Program’s Open Enrollment Policy a Plus for Retirees
Properly Insuring Your Home while Not Paying Too Much
Auditors See Higher Premiums, Lower Benefits ahead in FLTCIP
How FEHB Acts as a Medicare Supplement, for Those with Both
Some Downsides of Custodial Accounts for Children
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TSP Investment Report

RBD: Required Beginning Date for Distributions

We’ve read articles about RMDs (required minimum distributions), but we haven’t heard much about a similar acronym, RBD (required beginning …More

TSP: Don’t Spend it All in Once Place
What Happens if You Leave Money in the TSP After Separation
Factor in Pension When Comparing Retirement Savings Suggestions

Armed Forces News

Army Establishes New Biometrics Program

The Army is establishing a new biometrics program – akin to ones used by civilian law enforcement – to help …More

Female Sailors Try Prototype Uniforms
Airman Receives DFC Medal
Polar Star Heads to Antarctica
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