Impact of Orders on Discipline, Unions Begins; More Ahead

Some work to carry out President Trump’s three recent executive orders on discipline, performance and bargaining is underway but much …More

Orders Require Policy Changes when Contracts End, Says OPM

In guidance to agencies, OPM has said that President Trump’s recent three executive orders do not “abrogate provisions of existing …More

OPM Tells Agencies to Cut Back and Closely Monitor ‘Official Time’

fedweek.com | talk of buyout amount increase stirs life in senate

Final Decisions on Pay, Benefits Issues Could Wait until Fall

Locality Pay Changes Would Benefit More than 63,000 Federal Employees

Creating New Localities Would Have Varying Impacts in Federal Workforce

No Proof that Breached OPM Data Was Misused, Justice Department Says

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Focus on Fixed Expenses in Retirement, Says Report

Retirement planning often is based on an assumption that certain expenses will decrease and the household will be able to …More

Exploring the Insurable Interest Annuity Option
Using a Trust to Hold College Savings
Report Illustrates the View from Age 65
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Agencies to Gain More Leeway in Hiring ALJs

President Trump has issued an executive order giving federal agencies more leeway in the hiring of ALJs by ending the …More

Concerns Voiced on Change in ALJ Hiring
Audit Cites Gender Discrimination at Justice Department
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TSP Investment Report

Understanding TSP Rollovers

A recent TSP study showed that 45% of separated participants move all of their money out of the TSP within …More

Pay Attention to Your Annual Rate of TSP Withdrawal

Armed Forces News

Tuition Assistance Money To Come Quicker

Army National Guard members soon will have immediate access to their tuition assistance funds. The National Guard Bureau announced July …More

Marines Want To Arm Osprey
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