Appeals Court Sides with White House on Executive Orders

A federal appeals court has sided, although for now only on procedural grounds, with the Trump administration in a suit …More

Many Possible Roads Ahead for Executive Orders Fight

Federal unions say they will continue to fight three Trump administration orders on union and disciplinary matters in light of …More

Make Employee Ratings ‘Rigorous,’ OPM Tells Agencies

OPM has told agencies that they should be “rigorous” in employee performance ratings and “should allocate awards in a manner …More

Paid Family Leave Included as House Passes DoD Bill

The House has approved a bill containing language to turn the annual 12 weeks of leave available to federal employees …More

Hiring, Benefits Proposals Attached to Defense Bill

In passing its version of the annual DoD authorization bill (HR-2500) the House added a number of provisions relevant to …More

Resistance to OPM Breakup Grows

The top Democrats on two key Senate committees have signaled their skepticism about the administration’s plan to break up OPM, …More

COLA Count Remains Flat

OPM Seeks to Speed Action on Ending Union Dues Withholding

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Study Underscores Importance of Annuity Income

Retirees with regular income from a pension or annuity are much less likely to outspend their income than those without …More

The Strings Attached to Buyouts
Arranging for Income to Last Longer
The Costs of Being a Caregiver
How to Designate Beneficiaries (If You Want To)
Considerations for Creating a Living Trust
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Boost in Numbers of Agricultural Inspectors Sought

The CBP would be authorized to annually hire more than 200 additional agricultural inspectors and 200 more agricultural technicians at …More

EPA Needs Better Handle on Its Workforce Needs, IG Says
Agencies Told to Review, Update Workforce Fund Plans
OMB-OPM Guidance Steers Awards Policies
Misuse of Position Most Common Ethics Violation, Says OGE
SSA’s ‘Expedited’ Process No Faster for Initial Claims, Report Says
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TSP Investment Report

The C Fund Reaches All Time Highs with a New S&P 500 Milestone

The S&P 500, which represents the largest five hundred publicly-traded companies in the United States and is the index that …More

TSP Financial Hardship Withdrawals
TSP Offers More than Low Expenses
TSP Jumps During Holiday Week, But Weak Global Growth Still Weighs

Armed Forces News

Congress Faces FFG(X) Decisions

Congress must address a host of issues before it approves the Navy’s plan to build 20 new guided-missile frigates, the …More

Moran Withdraws Name from CNO Nomination
Army Tweaks Design of New Uniforms
Marines To Get Improved UAS
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