Court Blocks Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge in Texas has issued a nation-wide injunction against the Coronavirus vaccine mandate for federal employees, saying it …More

5.1 Percent Federal Raise Proposed; Marks First Step in Long Process

A proposal newly introduced in Congress (HR-6398) by several Democrats—and backed by federal employee organizations—for an average 5.1 percent raise …More

$15 Per Hour Federal Employee Pay Minimum Taking Effect; Will Benefit about 67,000

The Biden administration’s requirement for federal employees to make a minimum of $15 per hour is to take effect as …More

SSA, Unions Agree on ‘Reentry’ Plan; Dates May Vary

The SSA and three unions representing much of its workforce have agreed on a “reentry” plan for returning more employees …More

Mandate’s Impact on Federal Workforce Still Unclear; DoD Says No Firings ‘Yet’

The impact of the Coronavirus vaccine mandate in terms of turnover in the federal workforce—either voluntary or not—remains largely anecdotal, …More

Time to Check Pay Statements for 2022 Changes in Income, Withholding

The general schedule pay raise paid as of the first full pay period of the year—January 2-15 for most—should be …More

FECA COLA Finalized; Count toward 2023 Retiree COLA Now 2 Percent

FECA Program Issues Guidance on Coverage of ‘Havana Syndrome’

OPM Reminds Agencies of Revised Benefits Policies for Shutdowns

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Guidance Issued on New DoD Ethics Policies

The Defense Department’s central ethics office has issued guidance on changes to ethics policies applying to DoD employees enacted in …More

Average Age of New Hires Not Much Lower than That of Current Workers
GAO Recommends Update to FDA Strategic Staffing Plan
VA Releases Implementation Plan for Diversity, Related Initiatives
House Leaders Press Agencies on Cooperating with Inquiries
OGE Explains Raise’s Impact on Thresholds under Ethics Policies
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Survey: Primary Dreams, Fears for Retirement

Travel is the most common dream for retirement, followed by spending more time with family and friends and pursuing hobbies, …More

How Social Security Affects Civil Service Disability Benefits
Spreading Your Trust between an Individual and an Institution
Report Discounts Advantages of Special COLA Measure for Retirees
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No Time Like the Present to Review Beneficiary Designations
Not All Forms of Compensation Can Be Invested in the TSP
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TSP Investment Report

When Should a Federal Employee Apply for Social Security Benefits?

When should a person apply for their Social Security retirement benefit?  There are a lot of different viewpoints on this …More

Ten Things You Need to Know About Roth IRA Conversions
Not All Financial Planners Are Created Equal
Year Ahead: Aphorisms to Consider on Investing

Armed Forces News

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SSA Corrects “Misinformation” on Special Earnings Credit

Past and present service members should not have to do anything in order to receive special Social Security earnings credit …More

Army Offers Up to $50K Bonus for Six Year Enlistment Commit
CNO Issues Charge of Command Directive
Air Force Reports Aircraft Accident Numbers
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