Reentry Wait: Telework, Workplace Policy Changes Likely Weeks or Months Out

Federal employees, their unions and members of Congress continue to watch for details of federal agency “reentry” and “post-reentry” operational …More

Committee Approves Paid Leave Expansion along Party Lines

The House Oversight and Reform Committee has approved, although with only Democratic support, a bill (HR-564) to entitle federal employees …More

Bill to Reverse Trump Order on ALJs, Other Measures Advance

The House Oversight and Reform Committee has passed HR-4448, to reverse a Trump administration executive order creating an excepted service …More

Action on DoD Bills Suggests Tough Path for Boosting Raise

Recent actions in Congress may have lessened prospects for boosting the January 2022 federal employee raise from the 2.7 percent …More

COLA Count Crosses 5 Percent Mark

The count toward the January 2022 federal retirement COLA stands at 5.1 percent with three months remaining in the count, …More

Bills Offered on COLAs, Retirement Benefits

Among bills recently introduced in Congress is HR-4315, which would change the inflation index used in setting COLAs in federal …More

Biding Time: Dip in Retirements Continues

Congress Already Running Short on Time ahead of New Fiscal Year

With SSA Firing, White House Sends Signal on Labor, Telework Issues

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

fedweek.com: job gains and losses in proposed 2021 budget

AFGE, VA Agree to Start Over on Negotiations

The VA and the AFGE union have agreed to start over on bargaining that began during the Trump administration and …More

If There’s an App for That, Keep it Updated, Says Report
Human Capital Officers Council Returned to OPM
fedweek.com: covid ssa scam social security cornavirus
House GOP Leaders Push for Full Reopening, Criticize Bargaining Requirement
GAO Cites Issues with Telework Controls at Coast Guard
Union Pushes for Wider Reforms for Federal Firefighters
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Bigger Catch-Up Contributions, Other Changes to Retirement Savings Considered

Bills are before Congress to enhance retirement savings opportunities in programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan, including opportunities to …More

Take It or Leave It: The Choice before Retirement Eligibility
Timing a Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance
Income in Retirement is Key but Are You Taking Care of Your Brain?
TSP Survey Suggests Possible Features to Add
Special FEDVIP Considerations for Retirees
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TSP Investment Report

A Roth TSP Can Be Your Emergency Fund Backup

What are you going to do in retirement if you spend down your emergency fund? Three to six months’ worth …More

TSP: Don’t Burn Through it, but Don’t be Afraid to Spend It
Annuity, Social Security, TSP: How Your Retirement Income is Taxed
fedweek.com: irs agents delinquent filers
New Guidance Clarifies RMDs for Inherited IRAs

Armed Forces News

Okinawa Marines, Sailors Granted Special Leave Accrual

Marines and sailors permanently stationed on Okinawa have been granted Special Leave Accrual of up to 120 days, effective until …More

Navy Graduates First Woman in Special Warfare Training Course
Post To Reprimand Soldiers That Violated Mask Order
Coast Guard Advised To Monitor Telework
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