Guidance Issued on New Juneteenth Federal Holiday

Following is guidance issued by OPM on June 17 regarding the new Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday that passed Congress …More

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Building Occupancy Limit Lifted; Reentry Guidance Calls for Reviews of Telework

New guidance from the Biden administration paves the way for bringing more federal employees back to their official duty stations …More

Hybrid Schedules Expected for Much of Federal Workforce; Seen as Recruiting Incentive

In their memo to agencies about drawing up workplace “reentry” plans, OMB, OPM and GSA said they “anticipate that many …More

Agencies Can’t Require Employees to Disclose ‘Vaccination Status,’ Task Force Says

The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force has issued the following guidance related to agencies asking employees whether they have been …More

GSA Moves to Widen Relief from Taxes on Relocation Payments

The GSA has proposed to reimburse more categories of federal employees for additional taxes they may owe on the value …More

COLA Count Hits 4 Percent

Through eight months of the measuring period toward the January 2022 federal retirement COLA, the count stands at 4 percent, …More

Court Says Challenge to Hatch Act Guidance on Trump Impeachment Moot

All Workplace Changes Must be Bargained Over, Says Guidance; Employees to be Notified

OPM: Hiring Push, Labor Relations, Diversity are Top Priorities

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB Instructs Agencies on ‘Buy American’ Order

OMB has issued guidance to agencies on carrying out President Biden’s executive order encouraging them to purchase U.S.-made goods over …More

Report: VA Still Struggling to Accurately Count Employees, Vacancies
Focus on Outcomes, Not Work Arrangements, in Performance Management, Says OPM
GSA Calls on Agencies to ‘Reimagine’ Workspaces
Staffing Shortages Hamper VA Property Management, GAO Says
Dog Bites No Laughing Matter to USPS Carriers
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

GAO Finds Significant Increase in Debt among Those Age 50 and Above

A GAO study has said found what it called a “significant” increase over several decades in the share of those …More

Survivor Benefits for a Post-Retirement Marriage
Considerations for Buying Liability Insurance
Retiree Wins Dispute with OPM, but Not Legal Fees
When Retirement is Final but Payments are Interim
Don’t File and Forget Home Insurance
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TSP Investment Report

IRA Income Limits

One advantage that the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has over Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) is that there are no income …More

Vigilance Pays as Retirement Savings Rules Evolve
IRS Should Clarify if RMDs are Required for “Other Beneficiaries” of Inherited IRAs
Bang for Your Buck: Get Smart About Finances

Armed Forces News

Can President Biden Lawfully Order Members of the Military to Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The short answer is yes: The President of the United States can order members of the military to take the …More

$269.9 Billion 2022 VA Budget Request Submitted
Air Force Modifies Uniform Regs
Army Launches HR Mobile App for IPPS-A
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