Consider Flexible Scheduling when Recalling Employees, Agencies Told

Flexible Schedules Should be Part of Recall Planning, Agencies Told

OPM has issued guidance to agencies stressing the availability of flexible work schedules as they recall employees back to their …More

Employees Raise Concerns as More Agencies Map Recalls

More federal agencies have begun releasing policies on returning to normal operations—including expanded guidance from the largest, DoD—in the process …More

OPM Highlights Widening of FSA Policies

OPM Highlights Widening of FSA Policies Under Virus Bill

OPM has called attention several new considerations for federal employees who have dependent care and/or health care flexible spending accounts. …More

Guidance Issued on Impact of Special Sick Leave Entitlement

Guidance Issued on Impact of Special Sick Leave Entitlement

The special sick leave entitlement created by the Families First Coronavirus relief law will not have a direct impact on …More


Process for Deciding Raise, Other Issues Far Behind Schedule

With the focus of the White House and Congress having been almost solely on the Coronavirus pandemic for more than …More


Paid Parental Leave Issues Still on Back Burner

Among the issues that have been set aside since early in this calendar year—but on which there is pressure to …More


TSP Investors Regain Some Lost Ground, a Few Shift Back to C Fund


Employees Must Be Prepared for Promotion, MSPB Says

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Federal Manager's Daily Report


Report Cites Progress, Challenges in Enterprise Risk Management Initiative

In the four years since OMB set standards for applying enterprise risk management in the government, agencies have built a …More

Rules Changes Proposed on Military Spouse Hiring
Principled Proposals for Postal Reform not Bailout
Principled Proposals for Postal Reform are not a Bailout
Contract Costs Grew by $20B, Reasons about the Same, Says GAO
EPA Employees Report Concerns About Scientific Integrity at the Agency
MSPB Holds up NASA Hiring Strategy as Model to Follow
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report


Report Details How Long-Term Care Expenses Are Paid

The cost of long-term care now exceeds $400 billion a year and continues to grow, with the Medicaid and Medicare …More

Understanding When FEGLI Can Be Discontinued
Using a Trust to Protect an IRA
Retirement Confidence Mainly Holding Up, but Concerns Showing
When FLTCIP Insurance Will Pay Benefits
Preparing for a Successful Inheritance
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TSP Investment Report


Should You Use the New TSP Coronavirus Flexibilities?

Mother’s Day happened a little less than a month ago and I’m sure many of us took time to reflect …More

Markets Continue Sideways Consolidation, C Fund Inches Higher
What’s Happening Under the Surface of the C Fund?
Key Aspects of In-Service Withdrawals from Your TSP

>Armed Forces News

Travel Restrictions Eased

The Defense Department has ended key elements of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)-related travel restrictions that had been in place since …More

Height Requirement for Pilots Relaxed
Marines Embark on Major Reorg
Navy Seeks Medium UUV
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