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Two Approaches Offered for Plugging Paid Parental Leave Gap, Including Bipartisan Bill

Civil service leaders in the House and the Trump administration are both moving to plug the gaps in the upcoming …More

fedweek.com: Trump Offers 1 Percent Raise, Seeks Benefit Cuts

Trump Offers 1 Percent Raise, Seeks Benefit Cuts

Under the Trump administration’s new budget proposal, federal employees would receive a 1 percent pay raise in January and agencies …More

fedweek.com: 2020 budget Retirement, FEHB, G Fund Proposals Repeated

Budget Again Proposes to Hike FERS Contributions, Axe Supplement

The administration’s fiscal 2021 budget proposal includes a set of oft-repeated proposals regarding employee contributions toward retirement, retirement benefits, premium …More

fedweek.com: paid time off proposal lacking detail, no fix for parental leave yet

Paid Time Off Instead of Sick, Annual Leave Again Proposed

The administration’s budget repeats prior proposals to combine annual leave and sick leave into “paid time off” while not going …More

Budget Keeps OPM Breakup Idea on the Table

The administration’s budget plan assumes that the proposal to break up OPM will become reality in the budget year that …More

fedweek.com: job gains and losses in proposed 2021 budget

Job Gains and Losses Under Proposed 2021 Budget

Job levels at federal agencies would remain about flat overall under the Trump administration budget, although the figures are complicated …More

OPM Tells FEHB Carries to Focus on Controlling Costs

fedweek.com: OPM Sets Leave, Telework, Other Policies on Coronavirus

OPM Sets Leave, Telework, Other Policies on Coronavirus

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM Calls for Data on Ratings and Rewards at SES and Equivalent Levels

OPM has issued its annual call to agencies for data on performance ratings, pay and awards among their SES and …More

EEOC Reduces Backlog of Long-Standing Appeals
fedweek.com: hiring process transformation budget 2021
Budget Previews Hiring Process Overhaul
Budget Cites Management Agenda Results
Trump Authorizes DoD to Exclude Unions on National Security Grounds
fedweek.com: eeoc house pushback limits on bargaining
Pushback from Hill on Barring Use of Office Time by Unions
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Court Rules against Retiree on Retirement Refund Issue

A recent federal court ruling underscores the importance of careful handling of any withdrawal of federal retirement contributions, upholding OPM …More

fedweek.com: proving fehb after retirement
Proving Your Entitlement to FEHB after Retirement
Re-evaluating Your Home Insurance
Retirement at a Glance: 5 Point Checklist
Health, Job Skills Called Key to Extending Working Career
fedweek.com: social security credit
Keep Tabs on Your Social Security Credits
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TSP Investment Report

The TSP Resumes Growth, but Virus Risks Remain

The S&P 500, which the C Fund tracks, briefly reached new highs recently as the market largely shrugged off concerns …More

Should Every Extra Dollar Go Into your TSP?
fedweek.com: april is financial awareness month
Financial Awareness: April Isn’t Just for Canine Fitness
TSP Spillover Contributions Coming Soon

Armed Forces News

3 Percent Military Pay Raise Proposed for 2021

President Trump’s $705.4 billion for the Department of Defense in fiscal year 2021 (Oct. 1, 2020-Sept. 30, 2021) would provide …More

Budget Would Make VA #2 in Discretionary Spending
DoD Issues Reminder on Keeping Service and Politics Separate
Reduction of Marine Corps Active Force Sought
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