For Ending Shutdown, Many Moving Parts but Not Moving in Same Direction

Political leaders are continuing to raise proposals for ending the partial government shutdown but as has been the pattern for …More

Employees, Agencies Struggle to Cope with Prolonged Shutdown

Both individual employees and agencies continue to employ a range of strategies to cope with the partial government shutdown as …More

Agencies Sending Out Re-Furlough Notices

Length of Furlough Doesn’t Trigger RIF Policies, Says OPM

Insurance Concerns Arise as Second Payless Payday Approaches

Non-Pay Status: TSP Updates Guidance on Loans, Catch-Up Investments

Back Pay for Furloughed Employees Signed into Law

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Many Retirees Find Expenses Higher than Expected

Thirty-nine percent of retirees have found themselves spending more money than they had expected before they retired, according to a …More

How to Make a Retirement Deposit
Guarding against the Chance of Incapacity
Warnings of Inadequate Retirement Income Are Accurate, Study Finds
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GAO Lists Hiring, Pay as in Need of Reform

A recent blog posting by the GAO says that “key personnel functions still need to be modernized” and that since …More

Membership Set on Key House Panel
MSPB Hits Two-Year Mark without Quorum
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TSP Investment Report

Global Stocks Pushed Higher Despite Uncertainty

Since their low point on Christmas Eve a few weeks ago, U.S. stocks and foreign stocks have been on a …More

Additional TSP Changes Under Consideration

Armed Forces News

Veterans Group Seeks More Help for Toxic Burn Pit Exposure

Service members and veterans who served near burn pits would be compensated for health problems from which they now suffer …More

Disabled Vets Now Can Fly Space-A
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