Breakup of OPM Proposed as Legislation

The administration has sent to Congress a formal legislative proposal to send many of OPM’s functions to GSA—other than the …More

OPM Reorg Gets Skeptical Reception in House

The administration’s proposal to reorganize OPM received a skeptical reception in a House hearing where members raised now-familiar reservations about …More

OPM Proposes Changes to Probation, Special Hiring Authorities

Federal employees would not gain full appeal rights until they have completed their probationary periods regardless of the length of …More

MSPB Questions Low Rate of New Supervisors Failing Probation

Only about seven in 1,000 newly appointed federal supervisors fail the probationary period for assessing their performance in that job, …More

Higher Buyout Amount Back on Table as Defense Bill Stirs

TSP Alerts Agencies to Pending Withdrawal Policy Change

Bills on Protections, Leave, TSP Advance

Showdowns Shaping Up on Bargaining, Reorganization Issues

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Report Calls for Ending Disincentives to Longer Careers

The trend toward longer working careers would be even more pronounced except that provisions of some benefit programs such as …More

Providing for Someone Who Has an ‘Insurable Interest’ in You
Considerations for Borrowing in Retirement
Physically Demanding Jobs Add to Retirement Risk, Says Report
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

GSA Launches Central Cloud Services Repository

The GSA has launched a “cloud information center” as a central repository for cloud computing resources, designed to be “a …More

EEOC Sets Training Classes
MSPB Seeks Input on Research Topics
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TSP Investment Report

Will the I Fund Ever Catch Up?

The I Fund has underperformed the C Fund over the past year, past three years, past five years, past ten …More

Your TSP is not an IRA

Armed Forces News

SecNav Calls for Industry Support

While the Navy continues to make strides in increasing readiness, its top civilian entreated industry to do its part. “We …More

Army To Upgrade Black Hawk Helicopters
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