Back Pay for Furloughed Employees Signed into Law

President Trump has signed into law a bill (S-24) that had quickly passed Congress to assure that federal employees who …More

Lawsuits, Workarounds as Shutdown Drags On and Employees Called Back

As the partial government shutdown continues to drag on, agencies are increasingly turning to workarounds to get work accomplished, and …More

Yet Another Tactic to End Shutdown Being Tried

OPM Addresses Key Issues for Unpaid Federal Employees

Shutdown Benefits Issues Cover Wide Range

Shutdown Complicates Retirement for Some

2020 Retiree COLA Count Starts off Negative

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Many Retirees Find Expenses Higher than Expected

Thirty-nine percent of retirees have found themselves spending more money than they had expected before they retired, according to a …More

How to Make a Retirement Deposit
Guarding against the Chance of Incapacity
Warnings of Inadequate Retirement Income Are Accurate, Study Finds
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Agencies Lagging in Using Shared Services, Report Says

Despite efforts dating to the Reagan administration to expand use of shared services among agencies, the government remains well behind …More

House Passes Personnel, Management Bills; Others Signed
Guide to Understanding Agency Financial Audits Issued
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TSP Investment Report

How the Shutdown Could Impact the Stock Market

The current government shutdown is now the longest on record, surpassing the 21-day record set but the shutdown in 1995. …More

TSP Withdrawal Changes Take Effect This Year

Armed Forces News

Veterans Group Seeks More Help for Toxic Burn Pit Exposure

Service members and veterans who served near burn pits would be compensated for health problems from which they now suffer …More

Disabled Vets Now Can Fly Space-A
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