3.2 Percent Raise, Improved Retirement Benefits Proposed

House civil service leaders have proposed a 3.2 percent raise for federal employees in January 2022, what would be the …More

Average TSP Account Grew $14K in 2020; Plan Crosses $700B Total

The average TSP account grew by about $14,000 in 2020 for both FERS and CSRS investors while the program total …More

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Guidance Issued on Safety at Federal Worksites, Recalls from Telework

Federal agencies have been told to limit occupancy of their buildings through steps such as continued maximum telework while for …More

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Federal Workplace Safety Order Addresses Scheduling, Distancing, and More

Biden administration guidance on pandemic safety protocols in federal workplaces tells agencies to more strictly enforce social distancing at the …More


Biden Repeals Trump Orders on Unions, Discipline, Schedule F

President Biden has carried through on his promise to change direction from the Trump administration in key areas, starting with …More


Unions Praise Repeal of Orders but Full Impact Still to Be Seen

Federal employee unions have praised President Biden’s repeal of four key executive orders on federal workplace matters—on bargaining, official time, …More


Biden Issues Orders on Pandemic, Training and More; No Sign of Job Conversions under Schedule F


Career Official Again Named as Acting OPM Director


Leadership Vacancies await Biden’s Choices

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Federal Manager's Daily Report


Candidate Self-Assessments Get Heavy Weight in Hiring, Report Says

Nine-tenths of competitive, open-to-the-public-job announcements rely only on the applicant’s answers to a self-assessment—beyond the review of their resume by …More

GAO Urges Attention to Personnel Recommendations
Restrictions on Guidance Documents, Several Other Trump Regulatory Policies Repealed
Performance Feedback Called Key to Employee Engagement
Environmental Cleanup Costs for NASA Lifting Off
Tightened Post-Employment Ethics Policies Proposed
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report


Report Raises Concerns about Leakage from IRAs

While only small percentages of individual retirement account holders take early withdrawals from those savings annually, such withdrawals can have …More

Making Your Case for Disability Retirement
fedweek.com: Explain Your Inheritance Plan to Your Heirs
Control of Assets a Key Issue in Deciding on a Trust
Audit Criticizes SSA on Explaining Government Pension Offset
Losing the Tax Advantage for FEHB, FEDVIP Premiums in Retirement
Techniques to Protect against Incapacity
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TSP Investment Report


Markets Touch New All Time Highs: Short Bets Squeezed Out

The S&P 500, which is tracked by the C Fund and represents over 80% of the stock market capitalization of …More

TSP Switching to Spillover Contributions; But Pay Attention!
Pro-rata: How Much of Your IRA Distribution is Taxable
Market Exuberance Hits a Peak

Armed Forces News

Social Security Tax Deferrals End

The temporary deferral of Social Security tax withholdings for service members and civilian Defense Department employees has ended. Resumption of …More

Covid-19 Vaccine Available for Ages 75+
Free Tax Preparation Available
Redstone Picked as Space Command Home
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