Biden: Vaccination Mandate for Federal Employees ‘Under Consideration’

President Biden has raised the prospect of a government-wide vaccination mandate for federal employees, saying in response to a question …More

New ‘Reentry’ Guidance Assumes Higher Rate of Telework; Still Up to Management

OPM has issued new guidance addressing telework, bargaining and other issues for agency operating plans in greater detail as uncertainty …More

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OPM Details Considerations for Telework Eligibility, Frequency

New guidance from OPM addresses a range of considerations for agencies in deciding on long-term policies regarding telework, saying that …More

Report Raises Age, Pregnancy Bias Concerns on Returns to Worksites

OPM Lists Potentially Negotiable Issues in ‘Reentry’ Plans

OPM’s latest federal workplace “reentry” guidance for the first time provides a detailed list of the topics that may be …More

House Vote Set on Bill Setting Raise, Funding Many Agencies

The House plans to vote this week on HR-4502, which ties together seven of the dozen bills to fund federal …More

TSP Investment Window Not New, and Not Just about Sustainable Funds

Several recent news reports referencing the TSP’s upcoming investment “window” apparently have left some program participants confused about the origins …More

New Per Diem Rate Announcement Likely Soon

Reentry Wait: Telework, Workplace Policy Changes Likely Weeks or Months Out

Committee Approves Paid Leave Expansion along Party Lines

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Federal Manager's Daily Report

More Data Collection Would Aid Customer Service Efforts, Says Report

A bill carving out an exception to the Paperwork Reduction Act would aid federal agency efforts to improve their customer …More

Bipartisan Support Voiced for Modernizing IT at Records Center
Guidance Addresses Discipline Related to Off-Site Work
Unions Press Biden on Appointments to FLRA, FSIP
Senate Defense Bill Continues Some Policies, Adds Others
OMB Memo Discourages Use of Government Aircraft, but Cancels Approval Requirement
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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Bigger Catch-Up Contributions, Other Changes to Retirement Savings Considered

Bills are before Congress to enhance retirement savings opportunities in programs such as the Thrift Savings Plan, including opportunities to …More

Take It or Leave It: The Choice before Retirement Eligibility
Timing a Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance
Income in Retirement is Key but Are You Taking Care of Your Brain?
TSP Survey Suggests Possible Features to Add
Special FEDVIP Considerations for Retirees
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TSP Investment Report

A Roth TSP Can Be Your Emergency Fund Backup

What are you going to do in retirement if you spend down your emergency fund? Three to six months’ worth …More

TSP: Don’t Burn Through it, but Don’t be Afraid to Spend It
Annuity, Social Security, TSP: How Your Retirement Income is Taxed
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New Guidance Clarifies RMDs for Inherited IRAs

Armed Forces News

Okinawa Marines, Sailors Granted Special Leave Accrual

Marines and sailors permanently stationed on Okinawa have been granted Special Leave Accrual of up to 120 days, effective until …More

Navy Graduates First Woman in Special Warfare Training Course
Post To Reprimand Soldiers That Violated Mask Order
Coast Guard Advised To Monitor Telework
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