Parties Deeply Split over Potential Changes to Federal Employment Policies

A House hearing on the Trump administration’s budgetary and management plans for the federal workforce underscored how difficult it could …More

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Details on Agency Reorganization Plans Coming Soon, Says OMB

Specifics of agency reorganization plans will be announced in the coming weeks, OMB deputy director for management Margaret Weichert has …More

Raise Advancing for Military, but May Not Help Federal Employees

House DoD Bill Focuses on Hiring, Benefits, Work-Life Programs

GSA Orders Relief from Additional Relocation Taxes

COLA Count Crosses 2 Percent Mark

House Backs Tighter Control on VA Purchase Cards

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Social Security Describes Considerations for When to Draw Benefits

The Social Security Administration has said that “there are no right or wrong answers” regarding when someone eligible for benefits …More

Getting Credit When Credit Is Due
Consider Longer Waiting Period to Limit Disability Insurance Costs
Report Suggests Strategies to Meet Goal of Longer Career
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Use of Official Time Increases–By Four Minutes Per Unit Employee

Use of “official time” by federal employees with union roles grew slightly over 2014-2016 from 2.88 to 2.95 hours per …More

Debate over Official Time to Be Renewed
Report Finds Mixed Agency Commitment to EEO
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TSP Investment Report

How Increasing Oil Prices May Affect the TSP

Over the past 12 months, during the second half of 2017 and into the first half of 2018, oil prices …More

Don’t Forget About an IRA as Another Way to Save

Armed Forces News

Navy Updates SRB Plan

Active-component and full-time support sailors with 39 skills in 12 different ratings now will qualify for the Selective Reenlistment Bonus …More

African-American Woman Nominated for Brigadier General
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