Some May Face Long Wait for Back Pay

Some federal employees may face a long additional wait before receiving the back pay from the retroactive raise, even as …More

Reminder on Deductions from Raise, Back Pay

Some employees who have received their pay raise and back pay are saying that the amounts are incorrect. While that’s …More

Benefits, Workplace Policy Decisions Lie Ahead

Congress returns next week from a two-week recess to start what traditionally is a time in which several bills affecting …More

Questions Remain on OPM, MSPB Leadership

The leadership of two key agencies for federal employees remains uncertain at a time when Congress is about to take …More

Relief from TSP Withdrawal Requirement Advances

Bills Offered on Student Loan Forgiveness, Other Issues

GAO Highlights Need to Address VA Personnel Shortages

Timing of Raise, Back Pay Differing among Agencies

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Federal Retirement & Financial Planning Report

Life Events Can Upset the Balance in Planning Date to Retire, Says Report

Deciding when to retire is often viewed as a balance between the benefits of working versus not working, but life …More

The Value in Retirement of Sick Leave
Withdrawing and Investing at the Same Time
Deferred Annuities Can Protect against ‘Longevity Risk,’ Study Says
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Federal Manager's Daily Report

Report Describes ‘Ethical Failures’

The DoD Standards of Conduct has updated its “Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure.” While it’s presented tongue-in-cheek, it stands as a …More

Second Phase of Cyber ‘Reskilling Academy’ Launching
DHS Data Stewardship Program Held Up as Model
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TSP Investment Report

Healthcare Sector Weighing on the TSP, but C Fund Back to All Time High

The S&P 500, tracked by the C Fund, continues to flirt with all-time highs of 2,940 that it previously set …More

If you Inherit, Consider Maximizing TSP Contributions

Armed Forces News

White Paper: Changes in TBI Diagnosis Process Needed

Veterans would benefit if the Department of Veterans Affairs would expand the criteria used to assess the capabilities of the …More

A First: Female Commands Infantry Company
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