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GSA has increased the mileage reimbursement rates for calendar year 2022 for using a privately owned vehicle on federal travel if no government-owned vehicle is available, from 56 to 58.5 cents per mile. That mirrors an increase recently set by the IRS for certain tax-related purposes; the two typically move in tandem.

The rate for when a government-owned vehicle is available but the employee chooses to use his or her own vehicle is rising from 16 to 18 cents per mile. The rate for using a privately owned motorcycle is rising from 54 to 56.5 cents per mile, and for using a privately owned airplane from $1.26 to $1.515 per mile.


Citing continued disruptions caused by the pandemic, the GSA separately extended through June 30 the authority for agencies to waive certain deadlines for employees to submit claims for reimbursement of travel and other expenses related to an official relocation.

Also, the GSA updated decade-old requirements for the provision of lactation rooms in federal buildings under its control, including adding a requirement set by a 2019 law stating that agencies must make those rooms available to members of the public who are authorized to be present at the location.

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