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Air Force Honor Guard members Tech. Sgt. Juan Garcia and Staff Sgt. Annzen Salvador lift the sword used for the Order of the Sword ceremony at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Ga., July 13, 2016. The Order of the Sword is an honor awarded by NCOs of a command to recognize individuals they hold in high esteem and for their contributions to the enlisted corps. (Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Stephen D. Schester)

The latest Air Force review of promotion disparities shows that even though females were overrepresented in some ranks, minorities were not. The new review, which specifically focused upon race, ethnicity and gender, stressed that such disparities did not necessarily prove the presence of institutional racism. Rather, the review stated, “It may present a concern that requires more in-depth analysis and may help identify barriers to service.”

Key findings include:


•      Underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minority females, notably in the operations career fields.
•      Asian Americans, particularly males, are underrepresented in officer and enlisted leadership positions when compared to their white male colleagues.
•      While Black male officers were overrepresented in wing command positions, Black female officers were underrepresented.
•      Hispanic/Latino and Asian American airmen were promoted below the average rate of all regular Air Force enlisteds and officers.
•      White male and female officers were promoted at higher average rates than their counterparts of other races and ethnicities during the five years addressed by the study.
•      Women in pay grades E5-E8 and O4-O6 were overrepresented, compared to their male peers.

The study also noted that female airmen were disciplined less frequently than their male comrades. Black, Native American and multi-racial enlisteds were disciplined at higher rates than other ethnic and racial groups.