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Everyone who holds Defense Department credentialed recurring access (CRA) cards, and anyone else who wants to enter a DoD facility on official business, must show proof that they have been vaccinated for Covid-19 or show proof of a recent negative test for the virus. This order also applies to any DoD civilian employee or contractor who would work remotely or telework. Civilian employees and contractors who refuse to be vaccinated must be tested weekly as well. To prove they have been vaccinated, all civilian employees and contractors who hold CRA cards must complete DD Form 3150.

The guidelines were put forth in a Sept. 7 department-wide memorandum signed by Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr., the undersecretary of Defense for personnel and manpower.


Other specific guidelines addressed requirements for access to the Pentagon building. They require wearing masks, maintaining maximum physical distance, occupation of spaces at less than 40 percent, and “maximum telework.”

The Pentagon Athletic Center and public tours of both the building and Pentagon National 9/11 Memorial remain closed, “with the exception of pre-approved 9/11 activities.” Food courts and concession areas remain open with no indoor seating. Gatherings at the Pentagon – including those for ceremonies – are limited to fewer than 25 people, with social-distancing and mask requirements in effect. Current Covid-19 open parking permits are extended through the end of September.