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Sailors should take advantage of every possible benefit and entitlement when making permanent-change-of station (PCS) moves, the Navy Personnel Command (NMPC) advises.

A key benefit that goes unused too often, NMPC said, is the chance to receive a travel advance. By doing so, many sailors can avoid out-of-pocket PCS expenses altogether, the command said in a June 7 press release.


Meanwhile, NMPC officials said they are taking steps to streamline the moving process and make it less challenging for sailors and their families. Several forms will be combined into a single one, and the entire process will soon be automated.

“Giving [sailors] money up front relieves a lot of stress … because there is no need to go into debt in anticipation of the Navy paying expenses,” said Capt. John Popham of the Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center. “The money is already in the sailor’s hands.”