Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Ekkamai Chaikanta/Shutterstock.com

An inspector general audit has found that controls over travel card spending at the IRS are “generally effective,” saying that the agency already had identified instances of possible misspending that the IG uncovered in its sampling.

The IG said that the IRS conducts monthly checks to identify transactions using government charge cards outside of travel periods, to identify ATM withdrawals with the cards outside of travel, and to review purchases of unauthorized items.


The report said that in a sample of 65 employees who had made ATM transactions, it found three who had made them outside of travel and in each case the IRS already had identified and investigated them and had deemed them allowable.

In a sample of 230 transactions that occurred outside of travel it identified four cases of potential misuse, and in a sample of 30 employees it identified four who may have purchased unauthorized items; the IRS already had identified each and had referred them “for potential disciplinary review.”

It added that the 19 disciplinary actions generally followed the agency’s table of penalties, in contrast to a finding in 2013 in which half of disciplinary actions were less severe than the table indicated.

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