DoD has said that the projected increase of more 5,000 civilian jobs in its fiscal 2020 budget plan, would be concentrated in depot work, the STEM fields and certain others where growth would more than offset projected decreases in headquarters and administrative support jobs.

“Projected civilian increases are tied to skillsets directly related to the operational requirements, such as depot maintenance supporting shipyards and logistics depots, operational requirements in the cyberspace and intelligence domains, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics occupations,” it says.


It says the growth will more than offset declines related to “eliminating unintended redundancies within the workforce and consolidating and improving our human resources information technology systems.”

By military service, the Army shows a projected decrease of about 1 percent to 183,000, while the Air Force would gain 1.5 percent and the Navy 1.3 percent to about 175,000 and 206,000, respectively; the “fourth estate” DoD agencies would increase employment by 0.3 percent to about 195,000.

Officials also said at a briefing that as part of realignment of military medical care, longer-term they project the conversion to civilian performance of thousands of positions now filled by uniformed personnel.