Armed Forces News

Navy commanders now have greater leeway in determining which training their personnel would receive. New guidelines, set forth in an Aug. 13 administrative message, would reduce “administrative distractions” and still address issues that affect readiness, the service stated.

Commanders can use their discretion in determining if and when training is needed in:

* Alcohol, drugs and tobacco awareness.
* Combatting the trafficking of persons.
* Domestic violence prevention and reporting.
* Electromagnetic warfare.
* Energy policy.
* Equal opportunity, harassment and resolution options.
* Hazing policy and prevention.
* Operational risk management.
* Operations security.
* Personal financial management.
* Records management.
* Sexual health and responsibility.
* Stress management.
* Traumatic brain injury.

Training in sexual-assault prevention, cyber security, counterintelligence awareness, the Privacy Act and suicide prevention will remain mandatory.