Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed HR-7340, to require that before bringing teleworking employees back to their regular workplaces agencies would have to publicly report in detail on the personal protective equipment to be provided to employees; protections for employees whose work requires them to be in nonfederal buildings; and potential measures to reverse the reopening should the need arise.

It further passed:


HR-7496, to require agencies to produce contingency plans for responding to a major resurgence of the Coronavirus;
HR-5822, to establish an acquisition professional career program to develop a cadre of acquisition professionals in DHS; and
HR-5901, to require the GSA’s technology transformation services to establish a modernization centers of excellence program to facilitate the adoption of modern technology by federal agencies.

Meanwhile, President Trump has signed into law (P.L. 116-160) a bill to require GSA to clarify that federal agencies may pay by charge card for the charging of federal electric motor vehicles.

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