Federal Manager's Daily Report

fedweek.com: park service, blm underfunded Image: Mark Van Scyoc/Shutterstock.com

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has approved S-2433, which would require Agriculture and Interior to produce an inventory of public land assets for purposes including, but not limited to, assisting agricultural  management, resource development and conservation, environmental protection, and forest management.”

The committee also has approved S-904, which would require those two departments along with the Army Corps of Engineers to digitize and make publicly available geographic information system mapping data “relating to public access to federal land and waters for outdoor recreation.”


Also, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has approved S-3799, a wide-ranging pandemic response measure that provides HHS with shortcut hiring authority for public health emergency response.

Meanwhile, a bill (S-3868) has been introduced in the Senate to address an issue that has arisen related to future retirement benefits for certain CBP officers related to coverage under special retirement provisions for law enforcement officers. Also introduced was S-3874, to put overtime policies for border patrol agents in line with those of other federal law enforcement officers, a change sponsors say will be to their benefit.

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