Federal Manager's Daily Report

Turnover of federal employees fell in fiscal 2019 in comparison with prior recent years, new OPM figures show, to about 186,000 compared with a range of about 228,000-236,000 over fiscal 2015-2018.

Excluding employees who transferred from one agency to another, the total number who separated from federal service was about 161,000 compared with a range 201,000-209,000. Within that total:

* Quits fell to about 64,000 compared with a range of about 73,000-81,000;

* Retirements fell to about 55,000 compared with a range of about 62,000-67,000;

* Terminations due to the expiration of a time-limited appointment fell to about 29,000 compared with a range of about 45,000-48,000;

* Removals for conduct or performance reasons fell to about 9,800 from a range of about 10,200 to 11,900.

Deaths and other forms of separations made up the rest.

Overall executive branch employment—excluding the Postal Service and intelligence agencies but including seasonal, temporary and part-time employees—stood at 2,132,812 as of the end of fiscal 2019, up about 32,000 over the prior year and the highest in the five-year period.

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