Federal Manager's Daily Report

OPM noted it has issued direct hire authority and government-wide Schedule A excepted service hiring authority in support of the 2021 infrastructure bill. Image: Studio.51/Shutterstock.com

OPM has posted on performance.gov updates on hiring initiatives as one of the updates from the Cabinet departments and largest independent agencies covering the second fiscal quarter on implementation of the President’s Management Agenda.

Under the goal of promoting data-driven hiring, OPM said it continued to develop a new data warehouse for USA Staffing users to include “new hiring milestones (tentative offer, official offer, and entry on duty) as well as additional attributes to aid in analysis, including assessment type and recruitment source.” OPM also drafted new questions on its use for inclusion in a chief human capital officer survey and began developing guidance on hiring manager use of the database.


Under the goal of capitalizing on new workplace flexibilities to recruit and retain talent, OPM said it “drafted guidance on Paid Internships, Fellowships, and Apprenticeships, as well as an accompanying memo that will be jointly signed by OPM and OMB. OPM also drafted a new proposed regulation to modernize the Pathways Program that would provide more flexibility for agencies.” Other steps included conducting webinars on the military spouse hiring authority and outreach events.

Under the goal of supporting critical and urgent recruitment and hiring, OPM noted that it issued direct hire authority and government-wide Schedule A excepted service hiring authority to support agency hiring under the 2021 infrastructure spending law; issued direct hire authority for the Department of Interior in support of infrastructure and wildland fire season; and issued a dual compensation waiver delegation to the Department of Transportation in support of infrastructure. OPM also conducted webinars on various special hiring authorities that can be used for hiring under the infrastructure law.

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