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A flexible work environment is prized across generations. Image: Gyvafoto/Shutterstock.com

The Partnership for Public Service has said its recent study of two generations of federal workers—Generation X, born 1965-1980, and Generation Z, born 1997-2012—suggests that changes in law would aid agency efforts to retain them.

A blog posting said, for example, that both “value a flexible work environment” although for different reasons—the former being of the age where it is common to need to care for both children and aging parents while the latter came of working age in recent years and have come to expect such flexibility from an employer.

In response, it said, Congress could pass legislation “that allows for workplace flexibility in alignment with mission needs”; to require agencies to better understand the impact of offsite work; and to require training for supervisors and managers on managing offsite workers.

Similarly, it said, both generations value training for different reasons—for Gen X, to advance to senior levels, and for Gen Z for general career development. In response, Congress could broaden talent exchange programs among federal agencies and between agencies and outside entities such as nonprofits.

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