Retirement Policy

In a move that could be followed at other Defense Department branches, the Air Force is requiring its civilian retirees to replace the card they use to gain access to Air Force installations, called the Civilian Identification Card, or AF345.


Instead, they must get a DoD Civilian Retiree ID Card or other access credentials.

The AF345 is a paper card allowing retirees and eligible dependents to enter an Air Force installation to access morale, welfare and recreation facilities. It is not part of the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS, that is the standard ID system department-wide and doesn’t meet that system’s security requirements and lacks protections such as bar code identification.

On installations where the commander has approved civilian retiree and dependent access, they can contact the civilian personnel office as a starting point for determining eligibility and for getting a secure access card for their family members.

Many bases use Defense Biometric Identification System cards for all installation access. With a commander approval letter from the force support squadron and a DBIDS card, retired Air Force civilian employees and their dependents will be able to access an installation. However, even that is good only for one installation.


Once the AF354 is officially rescinded – tentatively slated for January – installation security will confiscate AF354 cards presented for access, so civilians should not wait to replace their access cards.

For more information about access credentials and other personnel issues, visit the myPers website at, and enter "AF 354" in the search window.