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Spurred by reports of faulty care at facilities in Arkansas and West Virginia, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hold hearings this fall to determine the extent of the alleged wrongdoings.
“The shocking reports… call into question whether VA is equipped to identify clinicians who are negligent, abusive, or commit criminal acts – and prevent them from practicing,” said Rep. Mark Takano, the committee chairman.

The VA inspector general’s office is currently conducting investigations into three specific incidents.


At least 15 veterans have died and another 15 were hurt because Dr. Robert Levy, a pathologist at VA’s Fayetteville, Ark., medical center, misdiagnosed as many as 3,000 veterans’ cases between 2005 and 2017. Levy now faces three charges of involuntary manslaughter.

Investigators also are probing a report that at least 11 patients died at the Clarksburg, W.Va., VA Medical Center. Two of the deaths have been confirmed as homicides. Another investigation focuses on allegations that a physician at the Beckley, W.Va., VA Medical Center sexually assaulted more than a dozen patients.