Federal Manager's Daily Report

The AFGE union has said that its council of locals at the EPA has reached a tentative agreement with the agency on a new contract including expanded eligibility for telework and more flexible work schedules, one of the first such agreements reflecting Biden administration guidance on long-term practices in those areas.

According to the union, the key elements include that telework “will officially become a routine way of doing business at EPA” and eligibility of employees “will be based on having the portable work to support the requested telework schedule; and meeting the requirements of the telework article . . . and not managerial preference.”


Similarly, remote work—where, unlike in telework, the employee is not expected to report to an agency facility on a routine basis—will become “a routine mode of work at EPA” that “may be approved for an employee on a temporary or permanent basis as part of a strategic analysis of EPA’s mission needs or to meet the personal needs of an employee.”

Further, it said, the agreement provides more flexibility in using alternative work schedules including so-called “maxiflex” schedules with additional leeway in setting working times.

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