Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Partnership for Public Service has made suggestions for agencies to follow through on their strategic plans, new versions of which are to be issued early in 2022 covering four years.

A blog posting notes that the good-government group recently issued a report on crafting such plans, warning that the effort needed to produce them can go to waste if agencies don’t make the additional effort to have them carried out. It recommends that agencies:


*  “effectively inform staff working across different levels about the strategic plan. Staff should also be reminded of their role in achieving the plan’s objectives and vision. This strategy can help inform and energize employees, encouraging them to take ownership of agency goals and celebrate achievements alongside agency leadership.”

*  “incorporate the strategic plan into key agency processes and activities—including budgeting, workforce management, enterprise risk management and performance management—to drive cohesive decision-making. These efforts will help agency leaders implement their plans fully and encourage staff to work toward the plan’s central goals.”

*  “review progress on their short-term priority goals on at least a quarterly basis. These goals should be accomplished within two years and act as effective benchmarks that drive the plan’s long-term success. Top-performing agencies include other evaluation methods as well—monitoring and reporting on their progress year-round and using the best available evidence to determine if their strategies are working. Regular performance reviews with agency leadership can also hold staff accountable for carrying out the strategic plan.”

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