Federal Manager's Daily Report

The 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey produced familiar patterns in both the highest and lowest rated categories, with 10 questions receiving above 80 percent positive marks and 11 receiving positive marks of only 60 percent or lower.

In the former category, the highest, at 88 percent positive was whether “employees in my work unit meet the needs of our customers,” followed at 86 percent by a related question, “employees in my work unit contribute positively to my agency’s performance.” Also in that category were views of how well their work unit achieves the agency’s goals, the quality of their work, their level of cooperation with each other, understanding how the employee’s work relates to the agency’s goals, and knowing what is expected on the job.


Other top-rated questions involved immediate supervisors treating employees with respect, supporting work-life balance and listening to what the employee has to say.

Many of the lowest-rated questions related to performance management. Only 42 percent agreed that steps are taken to deal with a poor performer who cannot or will not improve, only 50 agreed that differences in performance are recognized in a meaningful way and 57 percent are satisfied with recognition they receive for doing a good job.

A question asking what happens with poor performers in the work unit produced similar results to the past. About half said such employees remain in the unit and continue to underperform, a fifth that they remain but improve and a tenth that they are removed, transferred or quit—with two-fifths saying there are no poor performers in their unit.

Senior leaders received only a 49 percent positive response on generating high levels of commitment in the workforce, while 60 percent agreed that senior leaders maintain high standards of honesty and integrity, that they support work-life programs, and that employees have a high level of respect for them.

The lowest score also was an indicator of views of leadership, with just 40 percent confident that the survey results will be used to make the agency a better place to work.

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